Why is SEO Important for Business


Almost a decade ago, starting a business with a small budget was believed merely impossible. Later, several such sites grew, and the search engine became a tool to discover relevant products/services/information. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo were extensively utilized to research and locate the products. Optimization is just a technique to create your site visible in high search results.


Nowadays, SEO is a critical company and regarded as an essential instrument for internet marketing and promotion. Small entrepreneurs made a lot of dollars by staying in top search engine rankings. This reveals how optimization is now crucial for any sized business.

Advantages of SEO

Through the years, search engines are now really smarter. However, the smartness of search engines has only made things complicated for optimizers, who have to produce innovative ideas regularly. But SEO’s have to take care that they don't overdo anything. Say, a website is stuffed with keywords without any significance or spirit; search engines will quickly follow it and blacklist. Ethical SEO Course in Delhi is essential for a business to secure its standing. When you search for some sites in Google, the homepage will appear in the listing of the top ten.

Businesses will need to concentrate on SEO that provides them extensive promotion at applicable platforms. Right platforms will let your site drive the qualitative and right quantity of traffic. Here, traffic means the flow of potential clients. Another advantage of search engine optimization would be your business achieves global exposure. Least investment is lesser than what it might have cost you to promote your product in various nations. SEO takes your products to the markets in which you could have never allowed to visit and open a corporate office.

The Importance of SEO

The importance of SEO can be felt today as we view the brands which are well established in mainstream markets are still trying to get exposure on the search engines. Even though they stepped in rather late in this business they realized its importance very overdue, they have managed to secure a decent distance. Anyways tiny entrepreneurs are always on the optimistic side as SEO still is low price .Search engine optimization companies are doing good and providing quality services at a very less price.

You'll get higher positions on search engine results pages, making it easier for you to catch the interest of possible clients. Imagine that your website is the second or first to appear on the Google results page if somebody searches for a topic related to your business. Digital Marketing Course in Janakpuri This would make it even more likely for a guide to click on the link to visit it than if it had been reduced on the page, where it might be dismissed altogether. 

  • When more people go to your site, you have a full pool of possible customers to provide your products. And since they are very likely to be loyal customers, they're more serious about searching for out you, whether online or in your physical address.
  • You've got more ways to earn your presence felt about pages. Apart from appearing on the principal outcomes, it is possible to also have a local listing on top of the results in addition to local pay-per-click advertising. You can look at three separate places on the webpage, giving you more opportunities to catch the attention of leads compared with national businesses.


Utilize local search terms. For instance, locals can use the nickname of this town as a search phrase, so you should use this in the content, contact information, Meta tags, link text, page titles, and other vital places on the site. Seek Digital Academy is a well established SEO Training Institute in Delhi they are providing SEO, Social media and PPC.

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How can you make Money on Social Media?


It's simple to work together and follow the clear and training instructions and company hints from mature Internet business people. Many agree that being a part of an elite group of Digital Marketing Course in West Delhi that have discovered that working in the home is equally rewarding and enjoyable.

Earn Money from Social Media Sites:

A lot of men and women spend their spare time surfing the Internet today. It is a delightful way to kill time with several areas you may go on the Internet.


Employment in social websites is one of the most significant ways of “job" that help you earn money without wasting your time on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you're knowledgeable about social networks, you can grow to be an appropriate candidate for these tasks. However, you will need to understand how these sites work so you could make cash on these sites.

Fortunately, it's rather simple, so you don't need to worry about anything to bring in money from social networking websites. The only thing is to spend some time on and make money on a social networking site.

This opportunity to generate money is very appealing for most people, and it can help you to earn without being on a dull website or performing a great deal of work.  But like any other job, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Ways of Earning Money out of Social Media Sites:

Let us see various ways of earning money through social websites:


Facebook makes from your product advertisements posted on its network, as more individuals use their Facebook software where the ads are displayed. This generally increases the network's potential earnings from merchandise advertisements that subscribe to its system.

It is possible to join groups that care about your products, and this would raise your potential buyers of targets.


There's more than merely twitter tweeting. It can also offer a promising chance to generate money. There is a variety of ways to create money out of Twitter. You might also advertise straight from your profile account. In case you have many Twitter followers, then you'll most likely have enormous potential clients to publicize your products.

If you don't have your products to promote, then you can subscribe to an affiliate account where you could post links to your affiliate profile to advertise products from somebody else.

Some advertisers are prepared to pay from Twitter accounts for the marketing of their goods. This is an excellent way to earn passive revenue on Twitter, as well.


You could also earn money from several other social media sites by using your MySpace account in similar manners. Affiliate advertising always offers a fantastic chance to generate money from social websites.

Affiliate Marketing:

Marketing for affiliates is also an essential part of online marketing. The more you know how to do this, the higher it's for you. Affiliate marketing means promoting someone else goods through advertising and making sales. You're able to pick up and sell any product that you want.

YouTube Channel:

It is sometimes a great deal of effort to build a favorite YouTube channel. However, if you currently have your audience, joining the YouTube Partner Program to make money on advertisements could be a way to research. If you don't get a lot of clicks and views already, you won't make a great deal of money.

Let's read how to earn money from social media sites, especially Facebook?

Utilizing Facebook Marketplace:

The Facebook market is continually growing, and people use it to market everything from vehicles and furniture to computers and mobile phones. If you have coding skills, you can create and make money by creating an application. It is also possible to market your programs or create arrangement applications for third parties


One of the essential prerequisites for earning money with Facebook pages and groups is to entice a high number of members. Seek Digital Academy is providing the best SMO Training in Delhi. Come & join and learn the latest tips and techniques to make money online.

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5 Things Small Businesses can do to grow Faster?

Know your customer's needs and develop services and products which fulfill those requirements. You may gain insight into your clients by personalizing your solutions and inviting them to supply you with feedback. When you consider how to increase your company and your marketing level, SMO Course in Delhi, the most significant thing that probably comes to mind is acquiring new customers.


Also, the clients you have are your very best choice for increasing your earnings. It is to have individuals that are already buying from one to purchase to identify new clients and convince them to purchase from you and purer. Concentrate on ways to make your clients. Bringing clients is not ever a poor strategy. Among the most straightforward way would be to ask your customers. 

Construct a sales funnel

The means is by creating a traffic funnel. You are creating a mistake if you do not have a sales funnel. Revenue funnels can help automate your company. It can help you expand and to scale easily and very fast. PPC Training in Delhi Sure, there is some work. It helps you to monitor your business and grow quickly and easily. Sure, there's some front-end work involved. It is essential to build your company revenue and as well as increase your business level. 

Offer customer support

Make sure your customer support is outstanding as soon as you can, and go the additional one. Your clients won't just recall the excellent service. They will be more inclined to refer to individuals. 

Look for new opportunities 

Plans set up to nurture clients, like staying in touch or allowing them to know about events beforehand. Start looking for opportunities to acquire work and build your customer base. Ensure to find the appropriate balance between finding new ones and nurturing clients. 

Use social websites (Facebook, Linked In, YouTube) 

Social networking is a highly effective instrument for advertising your company through listening and gain insight into clients. Through listening, you identify can find out precisely what clients are saying about you, develop insight into their behavior, and thus enhance your customer support. Social media might help you build your organization profile and bring new clients. 

Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows draw on individuals that are interested in the type of merchandise or service you provide; they can improve your product and services. The idea is to select the trade shows you take part in seeking the ideal match for your service or product. 

Start your business with our world-class Digital Marketing Courses. Seek Digital Academy is the most powerful platform for your digital marketing career.

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The hike of Digital Marketing in this Generation

Ever since the development if technology there is no looking back, there is just advancement in the field of science and technology. People are making full use of the global system of an interconnected computer network. There are also many studies related to it for the use of the internet and its benefits are increasing every passing day. One of which is Digital Marketing, Join the best Digital Marketing Course to frame your career better in the best Digital Marketing Course in West Delhi.

Some in-depth knowledge about Digital marketing

Digital marketing is defined as the marketing of products or services using the internet, the marketing involves mobile phones via social media, apps or websites through ads, banners or formats, and other digital mediums. The process of digital marketing involves Internet Services that can create and transmit products to customers by a digital network. It is the way by which the brands and technologies use the digital article to promote and accelerate their business.


Digital marketing platforms are becoming more efficient these days since people prefer digital devices more than physical shops. Digital Marketing methods work via Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Campaign Marketing, Data-Driven Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing etc. Digital marketing has extended to the non-internet channels providing digital media such as SMS and MMS, on-hold mobile ring tones. These non-internet channels help to differentiate digital marketing from online marketing.

Grow your skills with digital marketing to accomplish your goals

There are innumerable ways brands use digital marketing to make a profit, digital marketing not only helps the brands grow but is also helpful for the online customer's shopping 24/7. Digital marketing helps the brands to get both positive and negative feedback. The course content of Digital marketing includes

SEO Course: SEO or Search engine optimization is the process ensuring high rank of the website at the search engine. SEO gives more relevant and organic traffic. It determines the rank of the website.

Social Media Marketing Course: Another important dimension of Digital marketing is social media marketing, apart from staying connected to people it opens a vast marketing option for the brands looking for promotion.

Email Marketing Course: It is said to be the youngest online marketing forms. It is the most effective way to connect business to the audience. It provides the most noise-free and deep relationship. It teaches students to drive new sign-ups, generating new leads and targeting the audience.

Content Marketing Course: A great content is the first step to promotional marketing and an important aspect of digital marketing. A great content is a way to optimize your page to attract the related and audience. It can convert the target audience to customers.

Search Engine Marketing: In today's competitive environment it us the most used digital marketing practice. One of the most efficient ways to grab the attention of the crowd to promote your products and business.

Web Analytics Course: It helps you track and monitor online campaigns. Analytics Training enables you insights into the performance of Data Flow, visitor's behavioral preferences, track, and measure. It helps you analyze the performance of your website.

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is the most chosen career option by aspirants these days. It gives you a wide range of opportunities to explore your skills around the globe giving you various career opportunities. You can expertise your experiences even through blogs and get into the wide world of digital marketing promoting products and business.

Get yourself admitted in the Seek Digital Academy. Get yourself admitted and frame your career in the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Janakpuri. Digital Marketing is growing rapidly in making its way to be the most used marketing service across the globe.

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Importance of YouTube in Digital Marketing

There is a lot of content on the internet but the quality of it is on the decline. If a business wants to become successful on the internet, they have to post good quality content that people would like to see and share. All businesses focus on rankings by creating readable content but they totally ignore the power of YouTube.

You must have seen video results on top of the results page when you search for a product or service on the internet. A large majority of those videos are posted on YouTube. Seek Digital Academy educates digital marketers on how to use YouTube to their advantage.


Businesses of all sizes can use YouTube to post their videos, products details, tutorials, client testimonials and so on. If the content is good enough, people will share it with their friends and family which will ultimately increase the exposure to your company. However, success on YouTube takes a little time as you have to keep on posting at a regular interval for quite some time. Initially, you will not see expected results but after some time as the number of views increases, you will start seeing results.

  1. VIRAL VIDEOS: It takes only one viral video to rise to fame. This is particularly beneficial for small business because if a single video goes viral, they will definitely get a lot of attention and new customers. The video could be controversial, funny, or informative. Such videos are shared by people on social media platforms which also help in marketing your business.
  2. TYPES OF VIDEOS: Businesses think that YouTube is not a good marketing platform and hence they don’t use it at all. Also, it is believed that the production cost of a video is high which is not at all true. Yes, there are some businesses that like to spend lavishly for YouTube content but a simple video shot on a mobile phone can also be posted on YouTube. Training videos, product tutorials, commercials, client testimonials etc. can be shot on a basic camera.
  3. INTERACTION WITH COMMENTS: YouTube provides a diverse platform to the users for communicating with the company. The comment section is a nice place to interact with the users and to know their experience. Users also ask questions and give suggestions. Replying to those comments inspires customer trust in your brand.
  4. SUBSCRIBERS: As you post useful content regularly, the number of your channel subscribers also rises. Subscribers are notified every time you drop a video. At the end of each video, request the viewers to check out your website for products. They might even order something from your website.
  5. PROVIDE A LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE: Use annotations to provide a like to your website. This eliminates the need for the user to manually type in your website address. A click on the link will direct them to your website which will not only increase your website traffic but also business opportunities.

Seek Digital Academy provides Digital Marketing Course in West Delhi educates digital marketers about all these aspects of YouTube marketing and more. Using the above-mentioned techniques, you can take your digital marketing game to a whole new level. Hope you find it useful.

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How to Measure Your SEO through Google Analytics Data

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the major strategies to drive traffic on your website and then rank on Google’s first page. However, measuring the SEO results is a critical process, but quite essential.


Of course, SEO is dependent on keywords and keywords ranking but not solely on it. Organic search results are equivalently a great factor to increase the profits or revenues for your business. And, for that, continuous analysis of SEO is crucial, which can easily be done through Google Analytics.

To measure the success of your SEO, here are some of the best practices that you can implement to get positive results in your business.

  1. Organic Search Traffic Analysis   

The majority of individuals or marketers feels or maybe believes that if there’s any decline in the website traffic, then it will surely because of the decrease in organic search traffic. Well, it’s definitely not the truth!

When you go deep inside the Google Analytics to measure your website traffic, you will get to know the real facts. Sometimes the website traffic is also declined because of other sources like social media, email, paid search, display ads and many more.

To check the organic traffic on Google Analytics, follow the simple steps.

  1. First, look for the “organic search traffic” option.
  2. Secondly, open the “Channel Grouping” option in it.
  3. Then, click on the “Acquisition” option.
  4. Finally, click on “All Traffic” and then “Channels” to view the entire segregated traffic data.
  5. SEO Traffic Quality Analysis

If you believe that you cannot measure the quality of traffic, then you need to get your facts right because with Google Analytics you can measure the quality of your traffic as well. Through Assisted Conversions, you can easily analyze the data of quality traffic.

Let’s say, you have to analyze and compare the website traffic data from the previous month, then with Assisted Conversions, you can check it along with the direct conversions. 

With Google Analytics reports, you can quickly determine the traffic that’s coming from the search is of high quality or not.

To check the conversions and all reports follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the “Conversions” option in Google Analytics.
  2. Click on the “Multi-Channel Funnel” option.
  3. Lastly, click on the “Assisted Conversions” option to analyze your conversion data. 
  4. Page Loading Speed Analysis

The majority of times SEO analysts forget or overlook the page speed, which directly affects the user experience. Nowadays, the search engine ranking is also dependent on page speed. Even if you spend your money on keyword rankings and SEO, but don’t overlook the website loading speed.

If your website pages load slowly, then it will also impact your conversion rates. To measure your website page speed here is what you can do:

  1. Navigate to the “Behavior” option.
  2. Then go to “Site Speed” option.
  3. Click on the “Page Timings
  4. Set the middle column to “Avg. Page Load Time” and right column with “% Exit.”

You must be able to analyze the data of traffic and conversions through SEO and Google Analytics, only then you can retain the business of your client and show them the exact profit. To learn the entire mechanics of Search Engine Optimization, you can contact Seek Digital Academy for SEO Training in Delhi.

Seek Digital Academy is a prominent and remarkable name in this industry and considered as the best Digital Marketing Institute in Tilak Nagar. Hence, contact the experts now and book your first SEO demo session to get trained under professionals.

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E-Mail Marketing Strategies of 2019

E-mail marketing is one of the key pillars of digital marketing. It is nothing but leveraging the power of e-mail to reach potential customers. Since communication takes place on a more personal level, it has higher compelling power and a large majority of brands inculcate E-mail Marketing in their marketing strategies. Also, it is a perfect tool to expose your brand to the masses. Seek Digital Academy is a Digital Marketing Institute in Janakpuri that teaches digital marketers the best practices in the field of e-mail marketing.

Internet penetration is getting deeper with each passing day. Currently, approximately 2.8 million e-mails are sent every day. This number is expected to rise with the increasing penetration of the internet. However, to reap the benefits of e-mail marketing, your e-mail needs to stands out of the bunch as apparently, you are not the only one using it.

Here are some strategies to up your e-mail marketing game in 2019. Let’s get started!

  1. MICRO-SEGMENTATION: Segmentation is dividing the population into groups such which makes creating an e-mail for them a bit easy. Earlier, segmentation on the basis of age and demographics was prevalent. With the passage of time, segmentation on the basis of the total purchase value, past purchases, resources downloaded, and products or services searched for has come into existence. Segmentation on the basis of such parameters is called micro-segmentation. This helps marketers to customize e-mails for each group and make them more compelling.

  2. HYPER-PERSONALIZATION: It is a tactic to make the e-mail more relevant to the target audience. Dynamic content can be used for hyper-personalization. Dynamic content is nothing but the content which updates itself as and when the e-mail is opened. Artificial intelligence also plays a huge role in hyper-personalization. For example, you purchase a mobile phone from an e-commerce website.Instantaneously, you receive an e-mail communicating the same and after sometime, you receive some other e-mails showcasing some cases and accessories to go with your new mobile phone. It is very likely that the subscriber will order that item for their mobile.
  1. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS IN THE E-MAIL: This is a simple strategy to increase organic traffic on your website and social media pages. All you have to do is link your website and social media handles in the e-mail. Also, there are a number of tools which can be utilized to feature the latest posts on your social media in the e-mail.

  2. E-MAIL DESIGN: Earlier e-mails had a particular format with a header, body, some images, and footer. Broken grid layout is a new form of designing the e-mail which makes the e-mail more appealing. Your subscribers may be bored of seeing the same format and hence such a change is always welcome. You can use illustrations, infographics, and small animations to deliver the message in a more impactful way.

  3. GAMIFICATION: Subscribers love it when they can play a game within the e-mail to win exciting prizes. Quizzes within the e-mail are a great way to increase subscriber engagement. Seek Digital Academy’s Digital Marketing Course in West Delhi is a great way to learn gamification in e-mails.

 These were some strategies to ramp up your e-mail marketing game in 2019. However, marketers must not forget to adhere to the anti-spam laws and guidelines which states that e-mail should follow a strict 80:20 text-to-image ratio and shouldn’t be over 30kb in size. Make sure the e-mail is not too flashy as it will trigger the anti-spam filter and might not even appear in the subscriber’s primary inbox.

Also, double-check the e-mail to eliminate any coding inaccuracies, grammatical mistakes, typing errors, and personalization flaws.

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