E-Mail Marketing Strategies of 2019

E-mail marketing is one of the key pillars of digital marketing. It is nothing but leveraging the power of e-mail to reach potential customers. Since communication takes place on a more personal level, it has higher compelling power and a large majority of brands inculcate E-mail Marketing in their marketing strategies. Also, it is a perfect tool to expose your brand to the masses. Seek Digital Academy is a Digital Marketing Institute in Janakpuri that teaches digital marketers the best practices in the field of e-mail marketing.

Internet penetration is getting deeper with each passing day. Currently, approximately 2.8 million e-mails are sent every day. This number is expected to rise with the increasing penetration of the internet. However, to reap the benefits of e-mail marketing, your e-mail needs to stands out of the bunch as apparently, you are not the only one using it.

Here are some strategies to up your e-mail marketing game in 2019. Let’s get started!

  1. MICRO-SEGMENTATION: Segmentation is dividing the population into groups such which makes creating an e-mail for them a bit easy. Earlier, segmentation on the basis of age and demographics was prevalent. With the passage of time, segmentation on the basis of the total purchase value, past purchases, resources downloaded, and products or services searched for has come into existence. Segmentation on the basis of such parameters is called micro-segmentation. This helps marketers to customize e-mails for each group and make them more compelling.

  2. HYPER-PERSONALIZATION: It is a tactic to make the e-mail more relevant to the target audience. Dynamic content can be used for hyper-personalization. Dynamic content is nothing but the content which updates itself as and when the e-mail is opened. Artificial intelligence also plays a huge role in hyper-personalization. For example, you purchase a mobile phone from an e-commerce website.Instantaneously, you receive an e-mail communicating the same and after sometime, you receive some other e-mails showcasing some cases and accessories to go with your new mobile phone. It is very likely that the subscriber will order that item for their mobile.
  1. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS IN THE E-MAIL: This is a simple strategy to increase organic traffic on your website and social media pages. All you have to do is link your website and social media handles in the e-mail. Also, there are a number of tools which can be utilized to feature the latest posts on your social media in the e-mail.

  2. E-MAIL DESIGN: Earlier e-mails had a particular format with a header, body, some images, and footer. Broken grid layout is a new form of designing the e-mail which makes the e-mail more appealing. Your subscribers may be bored of seeing the same format and hence such a change is always welcome. You can use illustrations, infographics, and small animations to deliver the message in a more impactful way.

  3. GAMIFICATION: Subscribers love it when they can play a game within the e-mail to win exciting prizes. Quizzes within the e-mail are a great way to increase subscriber engagement. Seek Digital Academy’s Digital Marketing Course in West Delhi is a great way to learn gamification in e-mails.

 These were some strategies to ramp up your e-mail marketing game in 2019. However, marketers must not forget to adhere to the anti-spam laws and guidelines which states that e-mail should follow a strict 80:20 text-to-image ratio and shouldn’t be over 30kb in size. Make sure the e-mail is not too flashy as it will trigger the anti-spam filter and might not even appear in the subscriber’s primary inbox.

Also, double-check the e-mail to eliminate any coding inaccuracies, grammatical mistakes, typing errors, and personalization flaws.

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