Importance of YouTube in Digital Marketing

There is a lot of content on the internet but the quality of it is on the decline. If a business wants to become successful on the internet, they have to post good quality content that people would like to see and share. All businesses focus on rankings by creating readable content but they totally ignore the power of YouTube.

You must have seen video results on top of the results page when you search for a product or service on the internet. A large majority of those videos are posted on YouTube. Seek Digital Academy educates digital marketers on how to use YouTube to their advantage.


Businesses of all sizes can use YouTube to post their videos, products details, tutorials, client testimonials and so on. If the content is good enough, people will share it with their friends and family which will ultimately increase the exposure to your company. However, success on YouTube takes a little time as you have to keep on posting at a regular interval for quite some time. Initially, you will not see expected results but after some time as the number of views increases, you will start seeing results.

  1. VIRAL VIDEOS: It takes only one viral video to rise to fame. This is particularly beneficial for small business because if a single video goes viral, they will definitely get a lot of attention and new customers. The video could be controversial, funny, or informative. Such videos are shared by people on social media platforms which also help in marketing your business.
  2. TYPES OF VIDEOS: Businesses think that YouTube is not a good marketing platform and hence they don’t use it at all. Also, it is believed that the production cost of a video is high which is not at all true. Yes, there are some businesses that like to spend lavishly for YouTube content but a simple video shot on a mobile phone can also be posted on YouTube. Training videos, product tutorials, commercials, client testimonials etc. can be shot on a basic camera.
  3. INTERACTION WITH COMMENTS: YouTube provides a diverse platform to the users for communicating with the company. The comment section is a nice place to interact with the users and to know their experience. Users also ask questions and give suggestions. Replying to those comments inspires customer trust in your brand.
  4. SUBSCRIBERS: As you post useful content regularly, the number of your channel subscribers also rises. Subscribers are notified every time you drop a video. At the end of each video, request the viewers to check out your website for products. They might even order something from your website.
  5. PROVIDE A LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE: Use annotations to provide a like to your website. This eliminates the need for the user to manually type in your website address. A click on the link will direct them to your website which will not only increase your website traffic but also business opportunities.

Seek Digital Academy provides Digital Marketing Course in West Delhi educates digital marketers about all these aspects of YouTube marketing and more. Using the above-mentioned techniques, you can take your digital marketing game to a whole new level. Hope you find it useful.

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