5 On-Page SEO Techniques to Acquire Rank in 2019

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Do you want to target the specific keywords on the search engine? Then following the certain On-page SEO techniques will be beneficial to acquire rank on Google.


Well, basically, there are two SEO techniques that SEO analysts follow to optimize a website: On-page and Off-page. The major reason for On-page SEO is to choose the targeted keyword and to fetch it’s ranking on the first page of Google.

Now, there are some of the latest On-page SEO techniques for search engine ranking that you need to follow in 2019.

  1. Target Keyword in URL

The On-page metrics for SEO include correct URL display. One of the solidified techniques for On-page SEO is targeted keywords in URL. Make sure that the URL of your website doesn’t include special characters, symbols, punctuations etc. Moreover, if you are using the dashes in the URL to segregate the strings, then it will help the audience to memorize the URL.

  1. Meta Title

One of the most imperative SEO techniques for On-page is the Meta Title. If the Meta title and Meta Description of your website on the search engine is attractive and accurately optimized, then the target audience of your brand will definitely click. And, ultimately, it will fetch more organic traffic on your website. While creating the Meta Title, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the length should be within the 70 characters.

  1. Incorporate Schema

If you are implementing the Schema while developing and designing the website, then you can certainly surpass your competitors. Basically, the schema or commonly known as structured data is absolutely beneficial to fetch the rank on your website.

For Example: If you are running a food business, then incorporating the reviews or rating schema markup will compel the audience to click to your website.

  1. Internal Linking

Are you frequently updating your website blogs? If NOT, then start updating your blog section to increase organic traffic on your website. Adding on to it, internal linking in the blogs is an essential thing to do. If your blogs contain knowledgeable information and details, which appeals to the reader, then they will surely spend time to read your blogs. You can also redirect the reader to different pages of your website through internal linking SEO technique. However, please ensure that the internal linking should be relevant for the reader and render them with additional information or details about the product or services.

  1. Keywords Capacity

Targeting the main or primary keywords in the first and last paragraph within the 100 word limit is what fetches the traffic through the search engine. If the keywords are utilized in a semantically correct manner, then even the search engine understands the content. Keep the content simple, clear and lucid in tandem with the properly structured keywords so that the search engine bots understand it and make it visible for your target audience.

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